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Thursday, June 7, 2012

M.Sc Admissions 2013

Dear Student,

Greetings from Symbiosis School of Economics!

Symbiosis has always been the pioneer in launching innovative programmes that address the changing needs of the economy. The need of the hour is to focus towards intensive study of social and behavioral sciences in general and economics in particular. The primary objective being to create a centre that would nurture quality teaching and research programs in economics.

The Symbiosis School of Economics provides a strong foundation in Economic theory and practice with an interdisciplinary flavor that will prepare students for careers in industry, financial institutions, government or academia.

The Master’s degree offer two specializations: International Trade and Development Studies. The programme provides a strong background in Economic Theory, Mathematics, Statistics and Econometrics which becomes the basis for acquiring special focus within the related fields and subfields of Economics.

The programme provides an all-inclusive path to meticulously understand and apply Economic Theories and their application to Economic Modeling and Forecasting in the real world.

For more details about MSc in Economics you can visit our website

There are two ways to apply to MSc (Economics):
1.     If you have applied to SNAP, you can register using your SNAP Id and a payment of Rs. 1000 using Demand Draft.

2.     You can directly register to SSE using the link:
and then make a payment of Rs 1000 using Demand Draft.

Demand Draft should be in the name of “Symbiosis School of Economics”, payable at Pune.

For more admission details please follow the link:

Thanking You,
Symbiosis School of Economics

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